Spring Break Daycamp!


join us!

Join us for our first ever Spring Break Mini Daycamp! Instead of sitting around the house during your spring break, keep your mind and body active with our 5-day self defense and bully prevention camp!

This kids camp is the perfect activity for kids during spring break and is open to all skill levels - no martial arts experience is necessary!


Day campers will learn self defense, basic moves, and most importantly AWARENESS. We will teach bully prevention training - teaching kids to be kind to one another, and giving them the knowledge and confidence to stand up for themselves and others!


Our kids daycamp is run by one of our lead instructors Courtney Anaya, with the help of our advanced student leaders! Courtney is the owner of Renton Martial Arts Center, and has been practicing martial arts continuously since 1996, when she started at St. Anthony’s Taekwondo after school program in Renton.

Each child who signs up before March 20 will receive a $50 discount! Everyone who signs up before March 31 will receive a FREE Spring Break Camp Tshirt!

Drop off time is 8:00am, Pick up time is 3:00pm. Students enrolled in martial arts at our academy may stay for their classes. Campers must bring a waterbottle, lunch, am/pm snacks, and an extra shirt (we will workout a lot!)

Any questions, PLEASE ask us!

Sign up TODAY!