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Here are some of our classes with the best cardio workouts to help you lose weight and get fit.



Fighters are some of the most conditioned, in-shape athletes in the world today. We take you through their workout routine made for the rest of us. Get stronger, improve flexibility, improve mobility and improve coordination without lifting weights or sparring.



We offer private lessons in any of our martial arts or conditioning classes. Contact us for more details.


filipino martial arts

The Filipino art of Balintawak Eskrima is quite unique from most other forms of stick fighting. It is identified by it's use of the single stick and close quarter counter to counter play. Balintawak is characterized by it's delivery of direct line, lightning fast counter attacks to instantly close the gap and gain control over an opponent to quickly end the fight. Balintawak utilizes economical, yet powerful, straight line strikes. The physical core is that of solid, yet flexible structural body alignment, devoid of unnatural movement or forced postures. Strategic timing, body angulation, traps, set-ups,  striking and disruption of opponent's balance are also signature characteristics.