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Start time:
9am for Kids
TBD for adults

Weight classes:
Adult males: Lightweight under 168lbs, Middle weight 168-208, Heavyweight 208+
Adult females: Lightweight under 155lbs, Heavyweight 155+
Kids: TBD. We will match them up as best as possible

IBJJF Rules.
All discrepancies left up to Professor Arthur. We are here to have some fun, encourage competition, get you ready for your next big tournament, etc.
No submissions for peewees (6 yr olds and under)

Weigh ins:
Just like an IBJJF tournament. Our scale isn't fancy but it works.

Spectator admission:

405 S 3rd St., Renton, WA 98057

Every participant will need to fill out a waiver. If you are already a Renton student, you already did it. Please see waiver link here:

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