Good vibes
get toned
boost your cardio
small class sizes
Shape up for summer
dance a little
Have fun!


Welcome to Renton Bootcamp!
Our twice-a-week, 45 min workout that is full of good vibes, strength building and muscle toning, and great music!

our classes


Renton Bootcamp is the perfect combination of cardio, strength training, body weight exercises, and basic martial arts! Our bootcamp instructor - who is also a black belt in Taekwondo and a salsa dancing instructor! - will help you burn those unwanted calories and get in shape for summer! Small class sizes, great music, and friendly atmosphere!

Tuesdays and Thursdays; 7:30pm-8:15pm
In our back classroom


instructor bernard

Bernard is a first degree black belt in Taekwondo, and a former competitive salsa dancer. He is a hard working, down to earth guy that will push you, help you, and make you laugh! His classes are full of great positive energy and a wide variety of exercises.


Frequently Asked Questions


Wear whatever you are comfortable working out in!

what do i need on my first day?

Bring a waterbottle! A towel if you would like. Classes are barefoot on martial arts mats. Please sign our waiver online before you come, if possible.

i have an injury, should i still workout?

That depends on what your doctor says. If it is ok with your doctor, then yes you can train. Make sure you inform your instructor of your injury.

can i try a class?

Yes, everyone gets their first class for free!

how often can i come to class?

Classes are twice a week, you can come as much as you like! Classes are sold in 1, 5, 10, and 20-class packages. There is also a $80/month unlimited option! Please see our website store.

iā€™m completely out of shape, can i start?

Yes! This is the place where you begin your fitness journey! We will work with you and help you get in shape. We are a very friendly bunch.

it says martial arts moves, are we fighting each other?

Absolutely NOT. The most kicking and punching you will do is on a punching bag or using focus mitts or targets. This class is for fitness, not fighting.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer military, first responder, educator, and family member discounts. Email us for more info.