About Our Academy

Courtney and her dad at her first Taekwondo tournament, Oct 1997

Courtney and her dad at her first Taekwondo tournament, Oct 1997


Owner Courtney Anaya moved back to her hometown of Renton in 2016. Her second-home martial arts school of 20 years was failing and about to close its doors. She stepped in, took the reins, and managed to keep the doors open for the students and the community. Primarily a Taekwondo-based school, she added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Filipino Martial Arts to diversify the training. And thus, Renton Martial Arts Center was born.


Bruce Lee said, “Use no way as way, have no limitation as limitation.” There is not one martial art or philosophy that has a monopoly on truth. They all have something useful to share. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known for its ability to overpower any opponent - large or small. Muay Thai is known for its fierce knees and elbow strikes. Each of these, and other martial arts, bring an important aspect to the martial artist. Above all, they teach discipline, hard work, perseverance and respect.


We are old school

Our lead instructors have roots in traditional martial arts. At Renton Martial Arts Center, we pride ourselves on being old school. We give tough love, we don’t tolerate disrespect, and we have high expectations for each of our students. Respect is earned, belts are earned, stripes are earned - nothing is given. We encourage tournaments and competition, because it tests your skills, makes you strong, forces you to face fear and builds an enormous amount of character through the discipline in training that is necessary to compete. If you are looking for a dojo with a quick and easy path to black belt, we are not the school for you.



Martial arts has changed all of our lives. It has given us strength, character, friendships, courage, health and most importantly, the opportunity to give those gifts to others. Each student that walks through our doors becomes our priority; no matter what age, race, religion, or gender. We want them to become a positive part of our community and to succeed. We want them to learn from the martial arts and use it to better their lives.